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Caryle's Corner

Confessions of an Irrational Mind...

25 September 1975
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I'm a single writer, working days in the financial industry, with fantastic friends. I'm addicted to books, travel, and wish I was more artistic than I am. I have a incredibly spoiled cat named Chloe, but strive not to be a crazy cat lady. The current goal is the Renaissance of Caryle, I should be living the life I want, not the one I'm resigned to living. I might be a coward sometimes, but it's time to stop saying "If only" and start saying "Remember when I did..."

So, welcome to my journal, comments are encouraged and friending welcomed.

A huge thanks goes to lunar47 for my gorgeous Starbuck/Apollo header. I'm photoshop (and html for that matter) challenged, so I'm thrilled to have your work on my page.

Thanks also goes to thefulcrum for my current layout. I promise to switch my journal's look up more frequently.

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